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Zendaya is Mary Jane: A Philosophical Musing Prompted By Reddit

So it was announced yesterday that singer/Disney Channel star Zendaya will play Peter Parker’s best-known love interest, Mary Jane Watson, in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Zendaya looks like this:


And Mary Jane traditionally looks like this: Continue reading “Zendaya is Mary Jane: A Philosophical Musing Prompted By Reddit”


Trailer Haiku – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Imperial flags

A juggernaut on the march

Military might


An alliance born

Disorganized rebellion

The Force shall fight on


This our sacrifice

Because the Death Star cometh

And so, too, our doom.

Reproductive Sexism

My wife and I don’t want to have any biological children. We only want to adopt our kids. The simple reason is that we want all of our kids to feel like they’re on even footing with us. There are a lot of great families that have a blend of biological and adopted children. That’s great. But for us, we never want to be pregnant. In fact, getting pregnant would be kind of terrible. Continue reading “Reproductive Sexism”

How Far Could You Get on Basic Income?

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the idea of a Universal Basic Income, or a UBI for short. (Here’s a great primer on the whole idea, who supports it, and why. It’s actually a very bipartisan issue.) In really broad strokes, the idea is this: If you guarantee every citizen in the United States a minimum income, regardless of their employment or any other status, you could make a significant dent in poverty, if not end it entirely. Continue reading “How Far Could You Get on Basic Income?”

No, Christians, We’re Not At War (At Least Not Like This)

I recently read an article arguing that Christians need to realize we’re (because I myself number among the “Christians,” which is why I’m so interested in discussing this) in the middle of a massive war between the divine and the demonic, and we need to buck up and fall in line for battle. Continue reading “No, Christians, We’re Not At War (At Least Not Like This)”

I’m Probably Not Going to See X-Men: Apocalypse


I just decided: I’m probably not going to see X-Men: Apocalypse. Not in an, “I’ll never watch that dreck,” sort of way. I have, after all, seen all three of the four Transformers films, and we knew what that was after the first one. But not in theaters.

There wasn’t a guarantee I was going to, but here’s the sentence that sealed it: “Here is a movie that gets the details right while getting the big stuff — pacing, emotional investment, dialogue — largely wrong.” (via NPR) Continue reading “I’m Probably Not Going to See X-Men: Apocalypse”

Election Prep: Economics

The stated goal of this post is to simplify something that is admittedly complicated for the sake of thinking about it freshly and gaining perspective. Deal with the occasional oversimplification.

What is the economy/What are economics?

At it’s most basic, the economy is a tool for distributing resources. It’s what allows people to not have to do everything themselves. I don’t have to grow my own food because someone else is going to do that, and I’ll trade him lumber and skills as carpenter. We’ll both have more food and better housing. Continue reading “Election Prep: Economics”

The MCU is At Its Best When It Isn’t Trying to Make Movies

Long Live the On-Screen Comic Book

Let’s start with this: Captain America: Civil War is the best Marvel Cinematic Universe Film so far. If you want to say Avengers is still a nose ahead, that’s fine, but the baseline I’m working from is that the top tier of the MCU consists of Civil WarAvengers, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and I’d put them in that order. Continue reading “The MCU is At Its Best When It Isn’t Trying to Make Movies”

Game of Thrones Has A Drama Problem

(Spoilers for GoT S6 E2 “Home”)

For the better part of five seasons, I’ve put up with Game of Thrones episodes doling out plot points slipshod and been mostly ok with it. And maybe that’s not even fair, because the first season or two tended to keep things a little tighter, in part because there were fewer important characters in fewer places than there are now. Continue reading “Game of Thrones Has A Drama Problem”

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