(This post was originally written 12/9/2009)

I was sitting in Buswell library yesterday researching for a debate in speech class. As reading about socialized medicine only has the power to captivate my attention for a finite period of time, my eyes drifted to the shelf I was sitting next to. At the top of the shelf, my eyes fell on two books, on the same shelf, but about a foot apart from one another. The title of the one on the right was “Gnomes”. I thought this was funny enough by itself, and laughed silently to myself for a moment. It was at this point that I looked over and saw the left of the two, entitled “The Art of Rice”. While this is an interesting title in its own right, I began to think about what might have led the two books to be positioned in such close proximity to one another. Buswell, like most other libraries, utalizes the Dewey Decimal System, which means books are grouped according to subject. Now, looking at the titles, I struggle to comprehend what “Gnomes” and “The Art of Rice” have in common, especially when just a couple rows over, I was pulling books on socialized medicine.

I resisted the urge to pull “Gnomes” off the shelf and explore its contents at the time, but a part of me still wishes that I had. I wonder what I might have learned.