Today was the beginning of check-in for the annual AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) Conference, which runs tomorrow through Saturday. It’s basically a big convention for people to talk about a myriad of issues and topics relating to creative writing. This year it’s in Chicago, so I get to go. And I am psyched!

Events run pretty much all day for the next three days. No, actually that doesn’t begin to properly describe it. For each of the time slots throughout the day, there are probably an average of 15-20 different panels, topic discussions, and readings to choose from, not to mention a huge book fair that runs the entire time. At most times, there are at least two panels that I’d like to be at.

To share the experience, not to mention process it for myself, I’m going to try to blog about each panel at some point over the next several days. If you’re not going to the conference yourself, hopefully this is a way you can get a little taste of it. I can’t promise that it’s all going to come in day-in-review form, although I’ll shoot for that, but I think that at least within the week I’ll be able to give a brief retrospective on each panel I attend, as well as an overview of the conference as a whole.

Should be an adventure!