I haven’t posted in a while, and I just wanted to explain myself a bit and assure everyone (the two or three of you who might check this with anything resembling regularity) that I am still alive and well, just a bit busy.

I think I’ve mentioned the film I’m working on a couple of times here, and between that and my end-of-semester/end-of-college stuff that I’m working on right now, I’m pretty swamped. Yes, I still owe you some posts from AWP and I promise I will get around to those eventually.

Anther thing that will be forthcoming, albeit in a month or so, is a review of season 7 of How I Met Your Mother.  After last night’s episode, though, I just couldn’t wait on one point. Season 7 of the show has been pretty hit or miss (and more miss than hit), but in the last few weeks at least its attempted some interesting and genuine character progression again. The problem is that it just isn’t very well done. How I Met Your Mother has been a great show in the past, and several episodes this season have shown that greatness is still possible. But a lot of it has felt sloppy.

Aside from possibly just not having a very good outline for the season, it feels as if the script each week is going through half as many revisions as it used to. Like we’re seeing draft four if they usually do ten (and yes, I know they probably do a lot more than that each week).

The places they’re trying to go with some of the characters, especially in the last three episodes, have been the right direction, in my opinion, but the storytelling has just been really poor.