My last post to this effect seemed to be a success, so without further ado, here’s another list of random fun stuff for your perusal:

  1. Devin Super Tramp – We’ll start this list with another YouTube channel. This guy and his friends stage and video some pretty incredible and frequently extreme…things. Events. I’m not really sure what to call it. Highlights include hi-speed drifting on tricycles, racing in wing suits, and a human slingshot. You can find the channel and check out all the videos here.
  2. deviantART – I’ve just really begun to discover the deviantART scene, but oh my goodness what I’ve found is very cool. Basically go search the site (which can be found here) for your favorite subject and prepare for a barrage of awesome fan art.
  3. Improv Everywhere – Flash mobs? These people were some of the first. Their organizational tagline is “We Cause Scenes.” They’ve done a to of really fun stuff (you can find their YouTube channel here), but perhaps their most famous is the Frozen Grand Central event.
  4. Slate’s Spoiler Specials – Movies are very important to me and I love talking about the way stories are told, so I was very happy to stumble onto this podcast. Basically, the reviewers go in assuming that either A) you’ve already seen the film up for discussion, or B) you don’t care if it’s utterly spoiled for you. It allows for a very frank, frequently insightful discussion of a film in all its aspects. Search for it on iTunes.
  5. DJ Earworm – Specifically, I’m referring to his end-of-the-year mashup videos wherein he takes the top songs from the year and remixes them into a single song. Let me say that again: He takes the top songs of the YEAR and remixes them into a SINGLE SONG! And it sounds good. This is seriously impressive, and a fun retrospective on what was being listened to the most. The 2012 remix is the best since 2009’s (my personal favorite), but he’s been doing this since 2007 and you can them all here on his YouTube channel.
  6. Ephixa – Another DJ you should check 0ut, particularly if you have even a passing interest in the Legend of Zelda  games. Why? THIS IS WHY!
  7. Homemade320 – Rounding out what has turned into a very musical last half of this list is a final remix artist. So you think there’s no such thing as “chill” dubstep? This will change your mind.

And that’s the list. Enjoy!