For those of you who may wander across this little blog space from time to time, I should make you aware of some changes that have come to timandhisthoughts. Nothing wold ending, mind you; just the opposite.

As you may have noticed, much of my blog content centers around movies. Not all of it by any stretch, but a reasonable percentage. Well, if that’s what you’re showing up for I have good news. Recently I’ve taken over editing mxdwn Movies, an online movie news magazine. Which means that there’s lot’s more movie goodness than ever before over at We’ve only just launched, so be on the lookout for a much greater breadth of content in the months to come. mxdwn also has some top-notch coverage of music, video games, and TV. Seriously, go check us out.

The flip side of that is that I will have less time to write about other stuff. Timandhisthoughts won’t be shutting down completely – I’m either too thoughtful or too arrogant to do that (I’ll leave it to you to pick which one, personally I think it’s probably somewhere in the middle). But – and not that you were experiencing regular content to date – articles are likely to come in fits and starts now. Or perhaps even more accurately, one at  a time with great spaces between them. I will be the Terrence Malick of bloggers. Of course, he’s got three films in pre-production right now…. Damn.