I’ve been reading back through some old posts recently. Although as of the last couple years they’ve come with far less frequency (work and life will happen), when I do write it’s rarely in a self-reflective or autobiographical mode, as this post will be, to an extent. Usually I’m writing about something, even if it’s just baseball or what’s been on television. And when I have gotten worked up enough to put in the extra time to write on this blog in addition to my other many writing pursuits (like mxdwn Movies or the Bird and Bee Book Review) it’s usually been over something of at least passing social importance. I have an opinion, I voice it, and I welcome anyone to converse with me about that opinion.

And I’ve been reading over old posts recently, and I’ve found myself wanting to correct myself at times. To expand. To edit. To revise. To say something different than I did at the time.

To this point, I’ve resisted that urge, beyond the occasional smoothing over of poor grammar. In fact, I kind of like that I disagree with myself and, to the point, have an opinion from my past written down cohesively enough to disagree with. This blog started as a way to interact with things I’m thinking about at the time.

For all the technology in the world, we are still a society highly dependent on geography. It’s something I’ve tried to embrace, for better or for worse. Be where you are. Be when you are. The me who wrote those old posts is not the me of today. If I find I disagree with myself so fundamentally that I need to write a new post, I’ll do it, although most likely it won’t come until I’m spurred into re-examining some movement of society or philosophy or culture or the Texas Rangers’ roster by some current event. But I want to be a person who embraces the time and place I am in, and though you, dear reader, may have little idea of exactly where that is, rest assured that my opinions are subject to change. We get nothing from failing to engage. And so I will use this blog to opine on some subject and relate what I’m thinking at a particular time, and I reserve the right to utterly contradict myself and call myself an idiot later. It happens, that’s life.

Let’s have a conversation about it.