It’s a big week for Star Wars. I mean, yeah, that new movie’s coming out at the end of the week. But what people are REALLY waiting for is just a day away. Michael Barryte of Belated Media is finally going to release his massively anticipated “What If Star Wars Episode III Were Good?” video, completing his tour through the Star Wars prequels as a hypothetical story executive at 20th Century Fox able to tweak and improve the prequel movies into something we’d all actually want to see. We’ve got a first look at some of the storyboards used in the video, and I had the opportunity to chat with Barryte about what’s going on in his version of Episode III.

what if episode iii were good belated media

If you’re not familiar with Barryte’s work on Episode I and Episode II, let’s catch you up to speed a little. Back in early 2012, before even a hint of Lucasfilm’s sale to Disney (and thus more Star Wars movies) had emerged, Barryte (via his Belated Media channel) set out with a simple idea: If he were able to influence the development of the prequels based on George Lucas’s original scripts, how might they have turned out differently?

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