Almost a month ago, Joe and Anthony Russo, the brothers who directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War and are directing Avengers: Infinity War said they’ve got a board with 67 characters on it. Not that there will be 67 meaningful, plot-critical characters in the movie; that’s all but impossible. But there are going to be a lot of characters in the movie, and I tried to guess who they would all be. You can see that original article here.

But I’ve had some time to think about it, and there are a couple characters I missed, so here’s an updated list. This is a stripped down version in terms of explanation, so I’ve only commented on characters I added or moved. Again, if you want to see a little more rationale for the groupings, go check out the original article. But hey! This time I got to 67 characters!

Auto-Includes (#1 – #17)

1. Thanos
2. Thor
3. Captain America (Steve Rogers)
4. The Hulk
5. Iron Man
6. Black Widow
7. Hawkeye
8. Vision
9. Spider-Man
10. Black Panther
11. Captain Marvel
12. Bucky Barnes
13. Star Lord
14. Ant-Man
15. Scarlet Witch
16. Doctor Strange
17. Adam Warlock
– The character has yet to be introduced other than an Easter egg presence in a cocoon at The Collector’s place in GotG, but he’s one of the main characters in the Infinity Gauntlet/War comics and might even show up in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Very Likely (#18 – #25)

18. Nick Fury
19. War Machine
20. Falcon
21. Wasp
22. Gamorra
23. Groot
24. Rocket Raccoon
25. Drax

More Likely Than Not (#26 – #31)

26. Loki
27. Heimdall
28. Maria Hill
29. The Collector
30. Nova Prime
31. Nebula
32. Sharon Carter/Agent 13

Maybe Appearing, Probably Not Featured (#33 – #40)

33. Odin
34. Hank Pym
35. Thunderbolt Ross
36. Sif
37. Volstagg
38. Fandral
39. Hogun
40. The Ancient One
– If she (cuz it’s Tilda Swinton) survives Doctor Strange, she could be in the same philosophical, strategical support class as Odin and Hank Pym.

Hard to Say, But Important if Included (#41 – #46)

41. The Magus – Adam Warlock’s evil doppelganger/manifestation from the future plays a major role in the Infinity War comics series…but it’s looking like Infinity War the movie will actually follow more of the Infinity Gauntlet comics.
42. The Goddess – Ditto The Magus, except The Goddess is Adam Warlock’s pure good personification (he splits his essence in the comics) and is less active in the Infinity War story.
43. Death – The only reason Death – and to be clear, we’re talking the physical embodiment of the cosmic entity here – isn’t higher on this list is that it seems like kind of a weird thing to do within the established confines of the MCU. But Thanos’s main motivation is his love of Death, so maybe she/it will show up as a character.
44. Quasar – It’s unlikely Quasar makes it into the movie. His role in the Infinity War story is very deus ex machina and he hasn’t been introduced in the MCU. But if he is, he’s key to felling The Magus.
45 & 46. Eternity and Infinity – Twin cosmic beings who are sort of like the Supreme Court of the universe, they (especially Eternity) have weird roles in Infinity War that will probably be cut for simplicity’s sake, but again, if they’re included, they’ll be important even if they don’t have much screen time.

Possible, but Unlikely More than Background if they Make It (#47 – #57)

47. Ronan
48. Baron Zemo
49. Pepper Potts
50. Daredevil
51. Jessica Jones
52. Luke Cage
53. Iron Fist
54. Agent Coulson
55. Star-Lord’s Dad
56 & 57. Venom and Carnage
– We don’t know the exact limits of Sony’s partnership with Marvel, but Venom and Carnage are both alien symbiotes. If we’re going into the Marvel cosmos for Infinity War, it stands to reason that we might get a bit more Spider-Man flavor in the mix.

Unlikely, but Someone Gotta Make the List (#58 – #67)

58. Erik Selvig
59. Jane Foster
60. Korath
61. Ulysses Klaw
62. Hellcat
63. Miles Morales
64. Cosmo the Telepathic Dog
65. Howard the Duck
66. Punisher
– He’s probably not the main villain in season 2 of Daredevil, and he might get his own spinoff show. If the rest of the Netflix crew make the jump, he has a good shot, too.
67. Kang the Conquerer – A villain, yes, but he appears in the comics. There’s a chance.

There are probably several old characters or yet-to-be-introduced characters that are actually on the board instead of some of the folks I’ve listed here (like the entire Netflix crew, who may stick to their own weird and awesome corner of the MCU). But at least this gives a sense of just how far they’re reaching.