Let’s take a quick tour through the big moments of last night’s best movie spot. (Ok, the Jason Bourne spot looked AWESOME, even if it seems to have a little Die Hard sequel vamp syndrome. But another time, maybe.) (Also, shout out to X-Men: Apocalypse. That looked pretty cool, too.)

Let’s start with this: I think we’ve just seen the inciting incident for the whole movie, why everyone’s so pissed at Bucky and how the choosing sides thing gets started.

Early in the spot we get this shot:

Civil War Super Bowl Spot Winter Soldier

Bucky’s got the face mask from Winter Soldier back on, and he’s in some sort of contraption that’s a little reminiscent of the memory wipe machine that Hydra used to program him before. Then about the midpoint of the spot we get this little sequence.

Civil War Super Bowl Spot shot

Yeah, Bucky straight-up tries to assassinate Tony Stark. And if you pause on the reverse angle…

Civil War Super Bowl Spot bucky face

…Bucky’s looking kinda red eyed and haggard, a lot like he does when he’s coming out of brainwashing.

Of course, the assassination attempt fails, because Tony’s always packing some cool tech. In this case, it’s a little Iron Glove.

Civil War Super Bowl Spot iron glove

If this really is what sets the movie’s events in motion, it’s a neat twist on the comics that falls in line well with the movie’s apparent more personal focus. In the comics, the move to register and better control superheroes comes after a team of C-rate vigilantes cause an elementary school to be blown up. But an assassination attempt might be just the thing to push Tony into the arms of a government program that’s been trying for years now to reign in super heroes. Remember, all the way back in the beginning of Iron Man 2 we had congressional hearings trying to get Tony to surrender his Iron Man suits to the military. The MCU has suffered several cataclysms since then.

At some point, though, and it might be this moment…

Civil War Super Bowl Spot cap and bucky

Cap stars siding with Bucky and trying to make peace between the parties. This shot looks like it might come at the conclusion of the chase scene we saw in the previous trailer, which includes Black Panther, but if you look on the left side here, that appears to be War Machine’s grey, armored hand in frame. Nice to know he’ll be seeing some action outside the big throwdown.

Speaking of, we got some team shots!

Team Captain America
Team Captain America
Team Iron Man
Team Iron Man

This is actually kind of significant, because it’s the first time we’ve seen Ant-Man and Vision in this movie (although they were already confirmed to be in it). And, as has been pointed out, although Team Cap has the numbers, the power advantage seems to be on Team Iron Man’s side.

Just one more thing I wanted to point out:

Civil War Super Bowl Spot breach

This appears to be the early part of a scene we’ve already seen quite a bit of, where Iron Man pries open some doors, and he talks to Cap about friendship. But I love the shot here because it fits the characters so well. These guys are both trained soldiers, and they’re acting like it: shield in front, gunner behind the cover. I don’t know, it’s cool, especially when you juxtapose it with Iron Man’s “I am a badass walking tank” pose coming through the doors opposite these two men.