Eight remain. Two books. Two movies. Two TV shows. Two video games.

Last round saw The Lord of the Rings continue its stomp through the Book Region, an array of squeaker-close matchups (including three that went to tiebreakers), and the end of #13 Star Wars: Battlefront 2‘s Cinderella run.

So this is it. After this round, the regions go away, and one of each will vie for the championship. Who will go through? Well, that’s up to you to decide. Here’s the bracket as it remains. As always, you can download a full updated bracket by clicking here.

2016 elite eight only

The Matchups:

#1 The Lord of the Rings – 38%

#7 Harry Potter Series – 62% – WINNER

The Lord of the Rings has absolutely crushed the book bracket so far. It’s swept two of its matchups. It lost only 20% of the vote in the third. Undoubtedly, though, this will be its toughest yet. The most beloved classical fantasy series of all time versus the most beloved fantasy series in recent history. Harry Potter hasn’t quite rolled through its matchups, but it’s been strong. Time for a real knock-down, drag-out fight.

#1 Forrest Gump – 8%

#2 Star Wars Original Trilogy – 92% – WINNER

The entire Movie Region saw just one upset (#12 Master and Commander over #5 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) in three rounds. So it is that we have the only region where a #1 and #2 seed will face one another. This was one of the hardest seeding decisions to make, and I won’t be disappointed either way. It’s an incredible clash of styles and subjects, each iconic and eminently quotable in its own right.

#4 30 Rock – 31%

#3 The Office (US) – 69% – WINNER

Both of these shows made it through to the Elite Eight on a tiebreaker. They also represent my two favorite sitcoms ever. After the diversity of shows present throughout the bracket, it’s interesting to see these two fight for the TV Region championship. A few stats: Emmy wins skew in favor of 30 Rock, 11 to 5, as do nominations, at 103-42. Viewership, however, is heavily in favor of The Office, which regularly scored millions more viewers than 30 Rock.

#9 Super Smash Bros. – 73% – WINNER

#6 Portal Series – 27%

I feel like I have zero predictive power over this matchup. I always expected Smash Bros. to be a strong competitor, but I never expected it to steamroll through Ocarina of TimePortal, meanwhile, proved to be BioWare’s kryptonite, knocking out not only #3 seed Mass Effect Series, but also Knights of the Old Republic. These are both great games, but for such totally different reasons. I wash my hands of this whole messy region in which a top 5 seed couldn’t even make it out of the second round.


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