This last round was tremendous to watch. Voting was strong, matchups were close (well, at least three of them were), and in the Book Region final there was a come-from-behind victory.

All this leaves us with a Final Four: the Harry Potter Series, the Star Wars Original Trilogy, The Office (US), and Super Smash Bros. With the final #1 seeds eliminated last round, Star Wars becomes the de facto favorite, with Smash the last cinderella story as a #9 seed. We’re past book versus book and movie versus movie. It’s time to start running the regions into each other.

Click here to download the full bracket, and here’s what we have left:

final four only

The Matchups

I kind of love that it came down to these two. Two of the most popular and influential media properties of the 2000s. It simply can’t be forgotten or underestimated how big a phenomenon the Harry Potter books were. On the other hand, The Office made a star out of Steve Carrell and has to be up among the all-time great sitcoms.

While the first semifinal has some nice parallelism, this one is just all about trying to compare really, really different properties. Star Wars is arguably the most influential film series of all time. The original Smash Bros. gave Nintendo one of its most popular series ever. They’re both great for such different reasons. So I guess the question is: Do you want a narrative sci-fi epic saga, or a game to make you endlessly curse at your friends and love every moment of it?


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